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Milkman Dan, Sep 18, 12 4:57 PM.
Just finished the emblem designer upgrade! Tonight we will have our first emblem! Log in and check it out.
Welcome to Phalanx Arcanus' guild page. Ranking and officer duties are based on Imperial Roman offices. As far as the non-soldier ranks are concerned there is no highest or lowest rank, the difference is in the assigned duties. For the bottom three ranks the hierarchy is active and relevant. To ascend in rank we require friendliness, continuous activity, and donations to the guild treasury / resources. Currently the Praetoriani is the highest attainable rank without being unanimously voted into an official position.

Emporer - Guild Organizer and Influence Manager   :::::: Milkman Dan
Censor - Roster Manager                                      ::::::
Consul - PvP Organizer / WvWvW Speculator          :::::: Bobomb
Praetor - Judge / Praetoriani organizer                   ::::::
Curule Aedile - Resource Manager                         ::::::
Quaestor - Treasurer                                            :::::: Equalus
Praetoriani - Elite Guard                                        ::::::
Tribunis Militum - Veteran Guard                            ::::::
Infantry - New Members Here                                ::::::

*Further descriptions of players, ranks, and duties will be provided shortly.
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